About Us

Experience a Greener World with Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound

pioneer-about-usSynthetic Turf of Puget Sound is proud to be the exclusive distributor for all STI products in the Puget Sound, Washington area. STI is a premium synthetic turf company that was founded in 1995 with an initial product line geared specifically for the golf industry. Prominent endorsements from David Leadbetter and Jim Mclean are a testament to the company’s superior product quality and professional service. Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound can produce any type of turf required to meet any project specification. We work with architects, developers and project managers to develop practical, award winning surface solutions. At Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound, the surface is the solution.

With our technology and expertise in artificial grass, we lead the way in constructing artificial putting turfs, supplying synthetic driving range materials, creating state of the art landscape projects, building safer, more durable playgrounds, and engineering indoor sports facilities. Anything you want to do with artificial turf, we can do! We stand behind our products and each of our loyal dealers 100 percent, continuously offering our customers the most extensive support possible.