SoftLawn® Pet Turf


Synthetic Turf Pet Solutions

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SoftLawn® Pet Turf is a proven solution for a myriad of applications for pets. For both large and small breed dogs as well as cats and other domesticated pets, Softlawn® Pet Turf is a safe, non-allergenic activity surface. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use in large or small coverage areas, SoftLawn® Pet Turf is durable and resilient. The added bonus: it simply looks great.

For older dogs and cats SoftLawn® Pet Turf is a surface that is easy on the joints and exposed areas of coat and skin. SoftLawn® Pet Turf also provides an innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves during transport or while on vacation. The surface also works well during an emergency such as a hurricane or other inclement weather situation.

While cement causes cuts and abrasions and gravel aggravates paw pads, SoftLawn® Pet Turf does not!

The Advantages of SoftLawn® Pet Turf

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • High flow drainage rates
  • Non-absorbent construction and system
  • Lush fresh cut appearance
  • Safe for pets of all breeds and sizes
  • Easily cleaned unlike other alternatives
  • No need for harmful chemical, fertilizers, or pesticides
  • Loved by pets and owners alike